Who Are We?

Who are we:  We are mothers and grandmothers, daughters and sisters, aunties and uncles, grandfathers, sons and fathers.  We are current and former employees of the tribe.  We are nurses, doctors, teachers, farmers, social workers, janitors, bus drivers, professors, lawyers, doctors and students.

We are not a group that chooses one candidate over any other.  We are not a group who is anti-Chief Batton.  We are not working to unseat or re-elect any current elected official of the Choctaw Nation.  We are working to build a better Choctaw Nation for the next seven generations and beyond.

We are cognizant of our tribal history and we are working to ensure that our modern history does not repeat itself.

We are working to achieve a Choctaw Nation that our children and grandchildren can prosper in and one that our ancestors can be proud of.

2018  Choctaws Rising